Sunday, 28 October 2012

Digital print

Digital print and screen printed over the top

Inspiration for my second year individual options assignment.

I like these middleastern lanterns I have seen in Camden market I will do some drawing studies and maybe encoporate them into my final designs


This is one of my A1 drawing sheets from my second year fashion assignment. I have used my drawings from my sketch book and collaged them on to the sheet. I also kept reffering to my mood board for colour and layout.


From my mood board i then started to look at Baroque architecture. A recent visit to Germany allowed me to take lots of photographs and i used a sketch book to build up a body of visual research.

This mood board is from my second year fashion assignment the inspiration came from looking at 1980s versace baroque inspired designs.

Simple line drawing i did in paris. I gave myself 2 minutes to do it and tried not to take my pen of the paper

This is another drawing sheet using collage, pen and inks. The target market for this gift project was aimed at mens gift

This drawing sheet was inspired from my trip to paris. This was one of my drawing sheets produced for a live project for Hallmark

Some graffiti near notre dame

inside the book shop

The best book shop ever near Notre Dame

Nortre Damn

Recent Trip to paris

This is part of the same drawing sheet using procion dyes to draw with and resists such as wax, masking fliud.

This is a photo of one of my first year drawing sheets